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Top 5 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Updated: Nov 1, 2022


So you just got engaged, or named the ‘Best Man’ for your buddy, or just a part of the groomsman lineup for an upcoming wedding? Now you’re scouring the internet to find out how to make the most fun out of the long-coveted bachelor party.

Well, look no further, we have already filtered through the many bachelor party ideas and have created this list, laying out the 5 best bachelor party ideas if you are looking for thrill and adventure. This article will break down all 5 in detail with suggestions and advice on how to make the bachelor party of your dreams a reality.

Cheers and congratulations!

Men drinking together at bachelor party

“To a night we will never forget!” - Doug (The Hangover, 2009)

Why is the Bachelor Party Important?

Before we dive into the 5 best bachelor party ideas, let’s take a moment to cover what is obvious to many but overlooked by some. The bachelor party is the final taste of freedom before the endless "honey do" lists that follow the wedding. The groom-to-be might not realize this until years down the road, but this sacred time with the boys becomes harder and harder to come by post-marriage, for better or for worse. Regardless, the days of slugging some brews and talking sports with your best buds are going to become fewer and farther between. But for the bachelor party...this is one of your final opportunities to shut off the cellphone and let the bride-to-be know that you are busy kicking it with the bros. So DO NOT take it for granted. Cherish the moment, and make it a bachelor party worth talking about long after the excitement of the wedding has passed.

Time for the List:

1. Surfing in Southern California (SoCal)

Bachelor and friends surfing

Unless you have surfed before, chances are you have never experienced the excitement that comes from catching a Southern California wave. Surfing the Golden Coast during your bachelor party weekend can kill three birds with one stone: you can quench your thirst for thrill, experience something new, and vibe out with the boys. After a party out on the waves, you’ll be counting down the days until you can return to SoCal to hang ten once again!


The first step in making this California dream become a reality is deciding which beach town best fits your group. The famous Golden Coast is peppered with beautiful beach towns: Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Pacific Beach, San Clemente, and many more. There are several things to consider when choosing a location, and some of these considerations are unique to a surfing trip. For example, what are the surfboard rental options? Let’s break down the main things you need to consider when choosing your bachelor party destination:

Restaurants, Bars, and Nightlife

With Mexico a few hours away, and the ocean a stone’s throw, Southern California is blessed with some of the best hispanic restaurants on the planet as well as seafood restaurants that make it nearly impossible to pick between the two cuisines.

When it comes to bars and nightlife: are you looking to focus on the waves and have more chill nights (maybe with a private bartender at your place) or are you looking to start a tab and bear the headache in the morning? While some towns can be a bit quieter (i.e. San Clemente) in comparison to the lively late night scenes of some other hotspots (i.e. Pacific Beach), all locations have something exciting to offer after the beautiful sunset fades.


From the world-class Outlets at San Clemente to the waterfront Seaport Village of San Diego, there is no shortage of shopping. Time to drop the sleeves, jeans, and closed-toed shoes and buy some swim trunks and tank tops. After all, you are in Southern California and it’s going to be sunny.

Lodging Accommodations

In several SoCal towns, ocean views are not a luxury exclusive to “Ocean Drive.” Sloping hills and picturesque mountains hug the coast, giving properties - many blocks off the beach - an endless view of the Pacific. Consider this when deciding where to stay, as you may be able to save money without sacrificing on views.

Airport Access

Once you pick your destination and where you’ll be snoozing, it will be time to figure out how you’re getting there. There are several airports to choose from in the Southern California area. The flight that you choose will depend on proximity to your accommodations and your trip budget. Seeking to stay near the LA area (Santa Monica, Malibu, Hermosa, Manhattan)? LAX is where you want to head. Looking for the classic SoCal charm of Orange County (Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, San Clemente)? Opt for Long Beach Airport, or even better, John Wayne International.

Rental Car Providers

How big is the crew? Do we need two cars? One van? An SUV? Or are you just going to pack into a few Ubers for the weekend? That will add up quick… but if you do rent a car, who is going to be the DD(s)?. If you do decide to rent, the airports mentioned above have all the major rental car providers (Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, etc.).

Surf Spots and Board Types

Point breaks, beach breaks, shore breaks? Longboard, shortboard, mid-length? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Choosing the right spot and the right equipment can be the difference between surfing waves like Kelly Slater at Pipeline circa 2006 or getting tossed around in the white water like a wet towel in the washing machine. No matter what coastal town you intend to call ‘home base’, you will have more options in surf breaks than you will know what to do with. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a first timer wanting to paddle the foam board out for an easy learning experience, SoCal delivers.

Choosing the spot

So there’s plenty of options, but how do you decide what spot is going to be right for you? Surfing is a sport that is very dependent on the weather and swell patterns, but in Southern California it's firing more often than not. Though we can’t control the natural factors at play, we know what each spot is likely to do when the waves roll through. Beaches like Doheny and San Onofre are world famous for their casual, long rides they deliver for beginners and experienced longboarders alike. On the other end of the spectrum, there are spots like Lower Trestles, Windandsea, and Blacks Beach which produce powerful, fast, high performance waves. These breaks are home to surf legends and the proving grounds for professional surfers from across the globe. If you’re looking to join the ranks and surf the best of the best, it’s right here at our doorstep.

Selecting the right stick

Much like the surf breaks of Southern California, the options to choose from when it comes to selecting your equipment can feel overwhelming. Typical boards for adult males can range from 5’4” to 10’ in length, with sizes in between having differences as small as .25”! Now, these micro differences in lengths, widths, thicknesses and materials can seem trivial to the beginner or even the intermediate, average surfer. And at the end of the day, they probably are. Leave all those little details to the professionals and die-hards.

We can break surfboards into three categories: shortboard, mid-length, longboard. Think of each as a tool with a specific job to accomplish. Your shortboard is designed and shaped to drive quick and concise maneuvers on faster, more powerful waves. Given its size, or lack thereof, it can fit into those sick blue barrels you see in the surf movies. Your traditional longboard usually sits around 9-10 feet. Low nose rocker and high volume makes these boards easy to paddle and get into waves. The longboard is the go to choice for beginners, style lords, anyone on those slow days, and Johnny Tsunami’s grandfather. Falling right in the middle of those two guessed it, the mid-length surfboard. Bridging that gap of the 6 and 7 foot range, these boards are designed to offer a little more playfulness and snappiness than the longboard, but more float and paddle ability than your standard shortboard. This is the perfect sweet spot for someone stepping down from a longboard to get more performance without jumping straight to the 5’5”. The mid-length is often the choice for seasoned surfers looking to paddle on some smaller, weaker waves but aren’t too interested in cross-stepping, dancing to the nose, or hanging 10.

So, pick the right surf break and the proper board for the job and get out there. Easy as that. If you can get those two things right, your surfing experience will be in a complete Hall and Oates level harmony.

Alright, it’s decided - you and the boys are going to surf the swell and soak up the sun in SoCal! But it’s your first time, you don’t know where to start or really care to figure it all out on your own. We got you bro! That’s where I Do Tours comes in. This is what our local experts do best. Let’s fully customize your surf and beach experience together- just give us a call at (949) 490-0090. Maybe you need a little inspiration? Explore some of our featured packages and let us know how we can customize it to make it your own. Let us take on the heavy lifting. You just sit back and prepare for a once in a lifetime weekend, like nothing you’ve experienced before.

2. Ocean Jet Ski Excursion

Person using jet ski

What’s the line? can’t buy happiness but it can buy a jetski, and I’ve never seen a sad person on a jet ski. Let’s face it, we all know the excitement that comes from a jet ski ride. If you don’t, then it’s time to start living. This thrilling experience might be the most accessible entry on this list. There are thousands of lakes scattered across the country and many of them are equipped with jet ski rentals. But to take jet skiing to the next level, it’s time to hit the ocean!

It's Going to be a Fun Ride

East Coast, West Coast, or Gulf of Mexico? The choice is yours. Regardless of which you pick, it’s important to consider the other events that will be taking place in the surrounding areas. Find a popular beach destination and turn your ocean jet ski excursion into a trip full of beach activities.

With a simple Google search, you will be able to find countless jet ski rental providers. Now, you’re going to need a place to snooze when all the wave-jumping and riding is over. Just like the majority of the entries on this list, AirBnB and hotels are going to be a bachelor’s best friend. Take the time with your boys to choose where you’re going to stay, what price range you’re playing with, and how long your visit will last.

Beach Destination? Check! Lodging? Check! How are we getting there? Good question. If you have picked a popular beach town then chances are that there is a popular airport nearby. If you decided on a more secluded beach town, then it might be a little more difficult to reach. Additionally, depending on where you are coming from, making a little road trip to the coast could also be an option. As for any trip on this list, all it takes is a little research to find the ideal option for you and the boys.

Are you already daydreaming about ripping some jet skis and waverunners but a little caught up on the fogginess of all the planning?We are here for you! Lodging, transportation, chilling on the beach, and of course, jet skiing can all be thrown into the mix for one killer bachelor party weekend. Just give us a call at (949) 490-0090 or explore some of our featured packages for some inspiration. Let us take on the heavy lifting of planning your trip, having jet skis ready to go, and driving you around Southern California.

3. Fishing Charter

Friends fishing on bachelor trip

When you think of fishing, you probably think of a nice relaxing day by the lake reeling in some bass. Well, imagine that bass is now a 200 pound blue marlin and you’re fishing out on open water, miles from the coast; little more intense now, huh? For your bachelor party, head out to sea with a cooler of beer and come back to land showcasing your empty cans alongside a 7 foot long trophy fish!

Let’s Get on the Water

Before you get your sea-legs, let’s first take a step in finding the best place to cast out. San Diego is home to some of the best sport fishing in the world. Additionally, San Diego fishing charters provide the opportunity to travel south of the border to Mexico's Coronado Islands where you can hook some massive yellowtail, dorado and tuna. Sail over to to check out the full rankings of best deep sea fishing spots in America.

Do you want to set sail and cast out for your bachelor party but don’t want to drown in the details?I Do Tours can keep you afloat! Lodging, transportation, and an all day fishing charter will make for the ultimate bachelor weekend; and we will put it all together. Pick up the phone and give us a call at (949) 490-0090 or fish around our featured experience page. Let us handle the lodging, transportation, and every detail surrounding your bachelor party fishing charter.

4. Off-road Desert Adventure

Person riding an atv in the desert

Whether you’re a speed chasing, wrench turning motorhead or an accountant by day, part-time adrenaline junky weekend warrior; hopping on some off-road horsepower and hitting the desert is a guaranteed good time for any bachelor party! No shower, no problem. After a weekend of dirt biking, dune buggies, and disinfectant wipe ‘baths’, the boys’ gritty sand-filled grins will surely be ear to ear.

Let's Sling Some Sand

The options can feel endless when choosing where to go off-roading because...well, the vehicles can essentially go anywhere. I mean, that is what they’re made for. But choosing the right spot to really push your limits can make a world of difference. To make sure you’re picking the proper destination to put the pedal to the metal, you should first consider what vehicles you're wanting to ride. Dirt bikes, dune buggies, ATVs, side by sides, all of the above? Regardless of your choice of wheels, this is going to be a wild ride!

After you’ve determined what type of vehicles you’re wanting to rip and what type of riding you want to do - wide open desert, technical hill-climbing, dunes, rock-crawling - now it's time to pick where you're going to do it. From California to Michigan, there are amazing places to off-road all across the US. Check out UTV Action’s list of best places to sling sand to help you decide where your bachelor party is going to rip!


Unlike some of the other Bachelor Party activities on this list, the spot you lay your head down after a day of off-roading isn’t guaranteed to have some of those amenities a lot of people have come to expect: running water, hot showers, A/C. But who cares, right? That’s part of the fun! Now this isn’t to say you can’t find off-roading places that have accommodations with all the fixings but more likely than not, your dream off-roading spot is miles from the nearest restaurant, gas station, or AirBnB. It is called ‘off-roading’, after all. The question is: how much do you want to embrace it? You could get a hotel or AirBnB in town, likely a lengthy drive in and out of the zone, but no one wants to be that guy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could rough it. Nothing more punk than brapping all day and tent camping through the night. While that can be fun and all, we think there is a happy medium- RVs.

Renting a few RVs can be the perfect balance of adventure and comfort. They allow you to really get a unique experience and immerse yourselves in the off-roading lifestyle without having to sacrifice things like A/C, running water, or a mattress. Now you may have to watch your water and electricity consumption, as you’re likely running on a limited tank and a generator, but it sure beats the heck out of a tent. And you still get to do the fun camping things like drinking around a desert campfire or taking a pee wherever your heart desires. The RV or tow-behind trailer really has become synonymous with the off-roading community and for good reason. Next time you see some dirty ATVs getting towed down the high-way, keep an eye out, you’ll likely see the next truck behind it pulling a big ass trailer.

5. Skiing/Snowboarding

Friends on a ski lift with mountains in the background

If your bachelor party is planned to take place in the winter, then a ski/snowboarding trip should definitely be considered. Seek out insane adventures in the snow by getting mile high in the mountains. Once you’re up there, it’s going to take an army, or maybe just a board, to get you to come back down. This is an incredible way to experience a bachelor party during the winter months.

The Mountains are Calling

There are so many amazing mountains in North America to choose from, so which one will host your elevated experience? East Coast, Pacific Northwest, or the famous Rocky Mountains...let’s take a look at some popular resorts in each region to make a very difficult decision a little less difficult.

Starting off with the big dogs, the Rocky Mountains boast more world class resorts than can be counted on the hands and feet of all your groomsmen. These are the best resorts in North America. Breckenridge, Aspen, Steamboat, Park City to name a few. The Rockies are the go to spot for great skiing and great parties. Apres-ski always in full effect. Shot skis anyone?! Though each resort presents its own unique vibes and culture; great snow, terrain for all skill levels, and fun on and off the hill are guaranteed from any resort in the Rockies.

Often overlooked due to the commercial popularity of the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest region is a true sleeper in the ski world. Most people think of the PNW as wet and rainy, but rain in your backyard means SNOW in the mountains! These resorts are known for their storms that carry massive amounts of that powder we are all constantly in search of. In fact, Mount Baker, WA is the resort with the most snowfall in North America with an average of 55 feet per year...55 FEET! Other resorts like Big Sky (MT), Jackson Hole (WY), Sun Valley (ID), and Mount Bachelor (OR) are world famous resorts with incredible terrain, great snow, and wonderful people sure to deliver an unforgettable bachelor party experience.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Well, maybe we’re looking on the wrong side of the continent. Spin the globe a little left and check out those East Coast states. Though most people think they’ll be heading westward when it comes to making ski trip plans, don’t count out the East Coast. States like New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire top the list for states with most ski resorts. Killington, Sugarloaf, Stowe, and Jay Peak are among the largest resorts in the East. These resorts deliver world-class skiing, terrain parks designed to the likes of olympic athletes, and apres-ski vibes unlike anywhere else. These East Coast resorts seem to hold a different level of nostalgia - old wood lodges, fireplaces with memorabilia hanging on the mantels, and dive bars seemingly untouched from their 1940s foundings. Take a step through the ski time machine and enjoy your bachelor weekend at one of these unique resorts.

Now that you’ve found your perfect resort, time to pick out accommodations. Ski resorts make it very easy to locate lodging, simply visit the resort’s website and take a look at the different options that the resort offers. If you would rather stay in town than at the resort itself, take a look at hotels in the area or local AirBnB’s. There’s plenty of different options when staying in a ski town, but we believe that nothing can beat the experience of a mountainside ski-in/ski-out condo!

Possibly the most stressful part of planning a ski/snowboarding trip is transportation. Since many resorts are nestled up in the mountains, they aren’t the simplest of places to navigate to and from. However, millions of people make it happen every year, and so can you with the proper planning. Similar to lodging, almost every resort you will consider for your trip will provide you with guides on how to best get to and from their resort. Whether you’re renting a car from the airport or booking a shuttle transfer through a local company, the options aren’t too difficult. Just be sure to prepare for inclement weather, variable driving conditions, and possible lengthy drive times depending on your choice of resort. To get more details on your specific resort, simply visit the website of your destination and locate their guide on transportation, then weigh out the options based on budget and convenience and choose your option. Take a look at this example from Breckenridge Ski Resort:

Similar to surfing, it’s important to consider a few things prior to arrival:

“Where will I get the gear I need for skiing/snowboarding: my board/skis, outerwear, etc?”

“Do I need lessons from an experienced instructor or am I just going to wing it?”

“What are the best runs for my skill level and how do I navigate the mountain?”

Rental Gear

In ski resort towns, rental shops are a dime a dozen and all will have seasoned staff ready to fit you properly. If you have not been on the snow before, you will need to make a decision on whether you want to ski or snowboard your first time. At the end of the day, it is a matter of personal preference, but it is usually recommended to give skiing a go first, as you don’t need to strap in every time you reach the top and unstrap every time you reach the bottom (like you do on a snowboard). Often, beginners also find it easier to stay upright with their feet free to move independent of each other, versus trying to keep their center of gravity over their two feet that are locked into a snowboard.

Rental shops will provide the skis, snowboards, boots, poles, and usually an optional helmet. In most cases, you will need to purchase - whether in advance or upon arrival - goggles, ski pants, a jacket, and gloves.


At nearly all ski resorts, lessons can be purchased online in advance, or at the ticket window. Lessons are a good idea for beginners but not a necessity. Sometimes all you need is a little liquid courage and a good friend. On a bachelor trip, there should be plenty of both.

I Do Tours

Whether you’re looking to ski the Rockies, off-road in the dunes at Glamis, or surf the best breaks the west coast has to offer; planning a bachelor party comes with a lot of decisions to be made and details to consider. Planning it yourself can be a long process filled with hours of google searching, numerous phone calls, and many booking sites. It can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

I Do Tours is the premier operator of Badass Bachelor Weekends! We are your go-to tour operator for adventure-driven travel experiences. Located in the sunny surf town of San Clemente, CA, I Do Tours was founded out of a passion for delivering unforgettable memories. Our team of experts live, eat, and breathe the adventure lifestyle.

Our fully customizable trip options allow you to design your ideal bachelor weekend. Select from destinations up and down the Southern California Coast or world-class resorts across the Rocky Mountains. Chat with our expert guides to dial in the exact thrills and adventures you’re trying to pack into your weekend. Surfing, jet skiing, fishing charters, private bartending services... you name it, we’ll make it happen. Once we know what you want out of your experience, your work is done. Our team will take all the stress of planning and booking off your hands - locking in unique lodging accommodations, private transportation for the entire trip, and crafting a fully comprehensive event itinerary.

Like what you see? Lock it in and get ready to launch the trip to your crew. We provide you with a booking platform custom to your trip, which allows you to get all of your friends signed up individually, without the hassle of Venmo and awkward payment requests.

Come trip time, all you have to do is show up at the airport and our friendly expert guides will be there to greet you and deliver a Bachelor Weekend unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

We look forward to planning and running your bachelor party weekend, meeting the crew, and delivering unforgettable memories, so give us a call at (949) 490-0090 or head over to our Book Now page and complete a custom trip request form to get started!


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